Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome to The Blow Barr, where your hair is pampered and treated by professional stylists to maintain a healthy color and glow. Our Glam Stylists are passionate aficionados of the beauty industry and want to introduce you to the latest hair trends, styles and color! We pride ourselves on using the highest quality products that will leave your hair feeling amazing and runway ready. We promise to serve you with phenomenal customer service, a fresh mimosa, or one of our signature handcrafted cocktails! Let The Blow Barr be your beauty pit stop. Primp, blow and go!  We can't wait to meet you!

Our Team

  • Edna Camacho

    We would love to introduce you to our amazing beautiful…

  • Windaliz Vallejo

    Let us introduce you to Windaliz. From the moment her…

  • Yvonne Robles

    Meet our makeup and hair stylista Yvonne. Yvonne offers a…